COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Policies:

Self-Screening: Is anyone in the family exhibiting any symptoms that suggest illness?

Has anyone in the family returned from outside the Province/Country within the last 14 days?

On-line lessons will be available to students who are ill, have family members who are ill, or have been away within the last 14 days.

Entering the School: Masks are mandatory. The mask must cover the nose and mouth. Anyone without a mask will not be allowed in the school.

A sanitizing station will be at the entrance. All students MUST sanitize their hands prior to coming upstairs.

To cut down on the number of people in the school, ONLY students will be granted inside. The waiting room is temporarily closed.

All students must have their temperature checked prior to entering the school.

The washroom will also be CLOSED. Please ensure your children have used the facilities at home prior to the lesson.

At the Lesson: Only students will be admitted. Students must bring their own pencil and crayons to the lesson, as the teacher cannot handle the students' materials. The teacher will sit 2 meters away. The student will write their own homework, or in the case of younger students, the teacher will email the assignment.